Braving the cold

Veronika Scott has designed a coat that doubles-up as a sleeping bag, bringing a bit of relief and comfort to thousands of homeless people.

From the Series

In the city of Detroit in the USA some 18 000 people are homeless. When Veronika Scott, a design student at the Center for Creative Studies became aware of this problem, she started looking at creative ways that this problem could be alleviated.

Scott designed a coat that would keep homeless people warm while also working as a wearable sleeping bag because of the Tyvek insulating material used in the design. Tyvek is a material that is often used in the construction of houses, making it ideal as insulating material.

Scott has partnered with work clothing manufacturer Carhartt to produce more of these coats, and relies on donations of materials and sewing machines. Scott now also works with a homeless centre in Detroit, Cass Community, which pays homeless people a wage to help manufacture the coats.

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