Beautiful noise

South Africa-based architect and artist Lorenzo Nassimbeni participated in a recent fashion/music/art happening and launched a fabric collection in Australia.

Architect and artist Lorenzo Nassimbeni was recently involved in a one-night fashion, music and art happening for which he did illustrations for tiaras, backdrops for models as well as a live mural painting. On a separate note, he launched a fabric collection designed specifically for Emily Ziz Style Studio in Australia. It was the first collection the studio has commissioned in terms of a customised range.

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The event was a second edition of the Beautiful Noise exhibition concept, the first one having taken place in 2012. The exhibition was designed conceptually to amplify the "sound" you hear when fashion, art and music collide.

In principle, the editions of the continued exhibitions of Beautiful Noise bring together creative minds from diverse disciplines to explore the new paradigm of style blogging in a world where the fashion viewer is increasingly becoming the "viewed".

The event was held for one evening only, but is conceptualised as an ongoing exhibition with annual editions. In the context of the exhibition, I designed the illustrations for the tiaras used by the models, digital projection backdrops and live painting mural.

Other artists involved were: Kim Gush (fashion), Birch + Elm (fashion), Lara Klawikowski (fashion), The Joinery (fashion), Bevan Davis (photography), Marco Nicolas Filby (music).

Beautiful Noise was hosted by Capsule Projects in association with Absolut at East City Studios on Roeland Street in Cape Town.