Beautiful and useful

Architectural Acoustics and Legwear are two funky but functional projects by Niek Pulles.

Architectural Acoustics are decorative wall panels inspired by classic tapestries.

Created by Heyniek, the creative brand of Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Niek Pulles, the wall panels also serve as insulation and as a device that improves acoustics in a room.

The panels are inspired by the shapes of classical frames and doorframes, and created from pyramid foam. The foam aids the absorbing of specific sound frequencies. Shaped into industrial patterns, the panels can also be placed together to make a larger wall display.

Also pictured here is Pulles’s new handmade Legwear range, inspired by spontaneous action, fluent curves, and a mix of colour and styles. The Legwear range is sold in a number of retail outlets in the Netherlands and can be customised to cater for individual styles.