Artist’s small studio is a canvas for her surreal worlds

JeeYoung Lee taps into her dreams and memories to create enchanting worlds in her studio.

Graduate from Seoul’s Hongik University, JeeYoung Lee builds captivating landscapes in her 3 x 6 metre studio. Opting to build by hand rather than digitally enhancing her creations, Lee’s enchanting worlds come from her heart, memory and dreams.

According to Opiom Gallery, Lee turns her imagination into tangible, elaborate sets for the purpose of photography. With titles like “Nightmare”, “Flu”, and “Anxiety”, Lee’s landscapes are an opportunity to work through her own internal conflicts.

Her creations take weeks and sometimes months to construct. The surreal environments are inspired by self-exploration as well as Korean fables. The sets, complete with lighting, props and surreal colours are all created by hand, down to the smallest details.

She’s already been described as one of the Korean art world’s most promising young artists. Lee is the recipient of a number of artistic awards including the Sovereign Art Prize in 2012. This comes after the success of her first solo exhibition outside of Korea in 2014.

Pictures via Opiom Gallery.

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