Are edible cups the future of tableware?

LOLIWARE is a line of all-natural, seaweed-based cups that are completely safe to eat

LOLIWARE is an edible cup range that was launched in March 2015 by Parsons School of Design graduates and industrial designers Chelsea Briganti and Leigh Ann Tucker. The cups are made from seaweed and organic sweeteners, and fruit and vegetable extract adds colouring and flavouring to the vessels. According to the founders, the cups are just the beginning of a line of what they call biodegr(edible) tableware and packaging. 

LOLIWARE has been promoted as an all-natural and completely safe substance that is free of from plastic, gluten, gelatine, toxins, industrial chemicals and genetically modified organisms. Currently, the FDA-approved collection includes five different flavoured cups that would no doubt entice any creative chef, food designer or cocktail mixologist.  

Behind the playful branding, the founders’ intentions show a concern for the environment. They point out that every year, Americans throw away 25 billion plastic cups that end up in landfills, never to decompose. "We wanted to find a solution,” says Briganti and Tucker.

According to its website, the company aims “to transform the tableware and packaging industries,” but just imagine the endless applications of the innovative material if it were to go beyond cocktails and entertaining. Since its launch, the brand has received much media attention and there may be collaborations in the future based on interest from global brands, and consumers from around the world.

But for now, LOLIWARE is working on an expanded cup line, straws, functional food extras and a range of edible water bottles.