An ancient African culinary ceremony in the modern kitchen

Dana Douiev has designed a new collection of cooking utensils specifically for making injera, the flat bread that forms a staple in the Ethiopian diet.

Dana Douiev’s set of kitchenware utensils combine the traditional skill of injera making with modern design, making the Ethiopian staple more accessible to the modern kitchen.

The kitchenware set includes a ventilated bowl for dough mixing and overnight fermenting, small handheld bowl with a spout for pouring the injera onto a skillet and cooking wide skillet with cover.

“Through these utensils a ‘new ceremony’ takes place, in which cultural elements that have been lost during the cultural migration from village to city, and from inside Ethiopia to foreign countries, are renewed,” says Douiev

Douiev plans to produced the utensils in Ethiopia, the place where the tradition originated, thereby creating numerous opportunities for the local people