Almost textiles

Textile Sketch is a range of furniture made in solid heavy metals, but that looks like it's been crafted from textile forms and shapes.

Dutch designer Kiki van Eijk’s new “Textile Sketch” range of furniture is part of a collection that uses solid heavy metals to create pieces reminiscent of flat and mobile textile shapes. So what looks like furniture made out of textiles is, in fact, furniture made of solid metal materials.

Experimenting with different techniques in a metal workshop inspired Van Eijk to “capture the delicate nature of fabrics”. These techniques include laser-cutting lace, 3D laser-cutting piping, welding and blow-torching fringe, coating gold and nickel thread. The experiments even included trying to fluff up a metal pillow.

A dining table, a high table, a low table, a lamp, a chair and a room divider are all part of the Textile Sketch range.

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