Album treasures

The Bouroullec Brothers present an "Album" exhibition of their work, which is like a journey through their creative treasure trove.

For the first time ever the Bouroullec Brothers, Ronan and Erwan, are devoting an entire exhibition to their work in France.

Album, which is happening at Arc en Rêve Gallery in Bordeaux, France, opens on 17 January 2011 and runs until 17 March 2011. The show will feature about 800 documents from their archive that they have selected, from mock-up outlines to preparatory drawings and pictures. In a panoramic display, the selected pieces will reflect the diversity of the studio’s work.

The exhibition is arranged around six themes, yet all the documents will be presented at the space level, with no distinction between industrial pieces, research pieces, gallery work or architectural projects.

Furthermore the visuals are all framed in the same way to eliminate any traces of hierarchy. The Album works like a journey through the different works and approaches that stem from the workshops of the Bouroullec Brothers, emphasising their multi-facetted approach to production.

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