African affinity

Gorgeously delicate and textured, Adoba gives a new context to tableware, jewellery and accessories, using original forms.

From the Series

Drawing inspiration from nature, Aboda designs utilise original forms to give homeware, tableware, jewellery and accessories a new context and function.

Designer Pamela Schroeder is influenced by her background as a sculptor and art historian, thus creating ranges of gorgeously delicate and textured items.

The Aboda range includes hand-formed porcelain items and functional natural elements recreated in gilded metal.

Familiar with the historical background of African and international art history, and ancient and contemporary iconography and motifs, Schroeder translates the contrasts of culture and nature into a harmony of pattern, texture and rich form, with a personal dynamic that distinguishes her work.

See Aboda at Design Indaba Expo from 2 to 4 March 2012.