Africa through the lens

The winning work from the third annual POPCAP photography competition celebrates new visions of Africa.

This year’s winners of the Prize for Contemporary African Photography (POPCAP) come from Ivory Coast, South Africa, Belgium, the Netherlands and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. They photograph in diverse ways: to uncover the human suffering of the mining industry in South Africa, explore the complex process of reconciliation 20 years after the Rwandan genocide, document waning cultural traditions in Burkina Faso and even reconstruct them among a group of pygmies in the DRC. 

The prize, presented by the online photography directory, aims to raise the profile of African photography in the arts and provide more publicity for artists engaging with the African continent.

“Due to its extensive application in a day-to-day context, we consider photography to be the ideal medium through which to foster an unhindered exchange of ideas about the image of Africa,” says founder Benjamin Füglister. represents a curated showcase of photographers' portfolios and facilitates online networking, complementing these with “real world” events such as the POPCAP exhibition.

The traveling exhibition, which has already been in Switzerland, Germany and Ireland, takes photography out of the confines of the gallery and presents it in a public space to encourage broader engagement and conversation.

The exhibition is on show in the Company’s Gardens in Cape Town as part of Cape Town Month of Photography and will run until 17 October before moving on to the LagosPhoto Festival in Nigeria.

Flip through our Lookbook above to see some of the winning work. 

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