256 Pairs of shoes

Shoe fetish delight - MyShoe256 is a playful system whereby 16 modular parts can be turned into 256 pairs of shoes.

From the Series

For some people 16 pairs of shoes just wouldn’t be enough. But what if you had 16 different shoe “parts” with which to create 256 different pairs of shoes?

This is the basic concept behind Sharon Golan’s MyShell256 collection. By using 16 modular units, one is able to create an interesting variety of shoes.

The different units are assembled using silicon-rubber bands, with the 16 parts inspired by four models, namely parts of fruit peel, egg, earth and shell.

Golan developed this range as a student at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem and hopes to expand the range to include  a set of modular handbags.

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