25 + 25

Nendo's solo exhibition at the Axis Gallery in Tokyo, Japan, presents 25 objects and 25 spaces selected from more than 200 projects of the past ten years.

Nendo presents a solo exhibition at the Axis Gallery in Tokyo, Japan, until 13 December 2011.

Titled 50 projects_25objects + 25spaces, the exhibition will showcase 25 products and 25 interiors that been selected from some 230 projects that were done over the past 10 years.

50 projects occupies two gallery spaces at Axis, as the concept and process of each design on display is also outlined.

Nendo started by stacking transparent, hollow carbonate sheets to create a wall-like effect in front of each of the displays. The result here was a pixelated effect that asked the viewer to walk around to the back of each “wall” to be able to see the work.

Nendo explains that the degree of pixilation varied with the angle at which viewers looked through the polycarbonate, “providing a constantly changing vision of the work as viewers moved around the gallery space”.

Some of the “walls” in the 50 projects exhibition overlapped, resulting in an exhibition environment in which the view changes like a kaleidoscope.