101Hero: Affordable 3D printing at home

The affordable 101Hero 3D printer lets anyone use the sought-after technology at home.

101Hero is an affordable and easy to use 3D printer available to everybody. Claiming to be the most affordable 3D printer in the world, it allows users to create an endless array of simple or multipart objects. 

Paul Keung, Shin Lau, and Shuo Shu, a group of designers and engineers in North Carolina, US, have been working with and creating 3D printers since 2013. They always intended to create an affordable and easy to use version to allow everyday consumers access to the creative technology. And now they have launched the 101Hero model to allow ordinary people access to the technology. 

101Hero is also designed to be small and lightweight. The machine comes with its own custom colour filament and is available in two designs, the Consumer Version (CV) and Designer and Developer Version (DV). The CV 101Hero is intended for household use without needing to be linked to a computer. Designs can either be downloaded from the 101Hero website or designed from scratch, and is then loaded onto an SD memory card and printed. The DV, for professional use, is USB connectable and works with open source software.

The group was able to make their design affordable by combining years of experience with technology and necessity. Only elements essential to printing quality and stable objects were included.

The 101Hero project is on Kickstarter, where it hopes to share its potential with everyone.