Adrian Lazarus on winning MBOISA 2014

Design Indaba chats to Adrian Lazarus about "Steam 1886" - the winner of Most Beautiful Object in South Africa 2014.

Together with Nicky Felbert, Adrian Lazarus produced and directed "Steam 1886" a steampunk-inspired short fashion film. 

"This movie was done as a collaboration with a bunch of friends; just a fun project where we could bring our own expression to the party. If you work for clients most of the time it is all about what they want, whereas we're all creative and we get put in a box."

The passion project has already earned two international awards including a Miami Fashion Film award for best fashion costume.  

We wrote it in about an hour and decide that what we wanted to do above anything else, was to do beautiful footage, he says.

And clearly South Africans agree that they achieved just that - a film worthy of the title of Most Beautiful Object in South Africa in 2014.