Your Street Gauteng's winning urban designs

Four creative proposals have received the green light from Your Street Gauteng, winning a total of R250 000 in project funding.

Part of the Project

The Your Street Challenge, in association with the Gauteng Tourism Authority, asked regular citizens in Gauteng to use innovation in order to improve their lives. An overwhelming number of participants answered the call, with creative proposals pouring in based on the six cornerstones of design for social change:

  1. Generosity: How many people other than you does your design solution affect positively?
  2. International excellence and innovation: Does your design solution stand up to and trump similar world-class ideas? Is it new, original and forward-thinking?
  3. Feasibility: How do you propose to allocate the R50 000?
  4. Fun: How much pleasure, enjoyment, beauty and smiles do your design solution inspire
  5. Do: Can and will the design solution actually be executed?
  6. A better world through creativity: How does your design solution make the world better and further inspire other people to make the world even better?

After careful selection, here are the winners of The Your Street Gauteng Challenge:

R100 000 – Zamani Manqele with Rydngchairs: A seating system made of reclaimed tyres and polystyrene at the taxi ranks of Johannesburg

R50 000 – Kirsten Morgan with Tshilwano: A recycling compressor

R50 000 – Dirk Bahmann and Jason Frenkel with Fox Street: Revamp Fox Street into an urban park

R50 000 – Marina Meyer with Sidewalk Showcase: Steel bench and shelving units for street vendors.


The Your Street Challenge winners are not just dreamers, they’re also doers: each will use the money to roll out their idea into reality over the course of the next year.  All prize money goes straight into the project – no design or management fees are allowed.

The Gauteng Tourism Authority has showed much enthusiasm in partnering with Design Indaba on the Your Street Gauteng Challenge, says CEO Dawn Robertson. “We see this as an ideal opportunity for Gauteng designers to use their creativity to aid social upliftment in the province.”

Follow their progress and learn more about upcoming Your Street Challenges happening in a city near you by checking our website:

Your Street: It’s your project, our payout, everyone’s profit.

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