Toast to Inspiration

Lydia Baillergeau's artwork for the TEN Collection is an animation called "Toast to Inspiration". Download the open video files for free on 9 August 2013.

Part of the Project

Lydia Baillergeau is a motion designer from San Francisco. She is the featured artist for August 2013 in the TEN Collection, Season 2. "Toast to Inspiration" is her artwork submission for the series, an animation she has created using the Adobe software After Effects and Illustrator.

Baillergeau is the first artist this season to create a video artwork rather than a still digital illustration. As part of the TEN project, the artwork files will be made available for download, along with a video tutorial by the artist demonstrating how she created her piece.

Click here to download the After Effects and Illustrator files created by Baillergeau in making this animation (available for free on 9 August 2013 only).

Animation by Lydia Baillergeau
Music and sound effects by Fab Martini
Voiceover recorded and written by Leah Shesky