TEN Collection: design tutorial ft Mike Harrison (UK)

Mike Harrison does a walk-through tutorial on how he created his artwork for the TEN Collection, using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Part of the Project

Mike Harrison is the featured artist for May 2013 in season two of the TEN Collection, for the TEN by Fotolia project. In this video tutorial he talks about the organic process behind the creation of his digital artwork, that features an illustration based on bull fighting.

I can't live without my Wacom tablet, he says.

Using layers of illustrations, some hand-drawn and others created using his tablet, as well as stock images, Harrison creates an interesting blend of traditional and digital media, giving it an energetic mixed-media look. He talks through the various techniques he employs, such as layers, adjustments of hue, saturation and levels, custom brushes, linework, shading and more.

Directed by Gang Corporate
Director: Pavlé Savic
Editor: Léo Ghigo
Music: Thomas Van Pottelberghe 
Color / Mix: Pavlé Savic
Motion Design: Mister Gü