TEN Collection: design tutorial ft Lydia Baillergeau (USA)

Lydia Baillergeau talks about how she created her animated artwork for the TEN Collection, using Adobe Illustrator and After Effects.

Part of the Project

Lydia Baillergeau is the featured artist for August 2013 in season two of the TEN Collection, for the TEN by Fotolia project.

In this video she talks about using Adobe Illustrator and After Effects to create a small animation that pays homage to the creative process and finding inspiration.

Creativity and being inspired is a really magical thing to me, she says.

Baillergeau believes it is important to have layers in an animation, as these add depth and detail to the work. Here she explains how she uses different tools in After Effects, like stacking and adjustment layers, artbrush and shape layer properties to create something that keeps viewers captivated. It also allows her to storyboard the entire animation. Using handmade elements together with digital elements results in very nice contrasts, Baillergeau says.