TEN Collection: design tutorial ft Alexey Samsonov (Russia)

Alexey Samsonov talks through the process of creating his digital artwork for the TEN Collection. Use the captions settings on the video player for subtitles.

Part of the Project

Alexey Samsonov, aka Somistar, is a self-taught designer who lives and works in Moscow. He is the seventh digital artist featured in the TEN Collection, Season 2.

Using Photoshop, Illustrator and Lightroom, as his design tools, Somistar reveals how he created his illustration for the TEN Collection.

Asked to participate in the series right before leaving for a holiday in Bali, Somistar decided to use the exotic island as his main inspiration.

In my illustration I wanted to show the beauty of nature, old buildings, plants and animals, magnificent waterfalls and amazing oceans, says Somistar.

Starting out with sketches, the digital artist created the artwork from the sky down to the bottom of the ocean.  

First he shows how to alter gradients from dark to light in order to get a realistic effect of how the sky fades from blue to white, and then how the ocean gets darker the deeper it goes.

Somistar used stock images as well as his own collection for added effect in his illustration. The island and city are made of many tiny pictures all faded and merged into one another.

Finally he worked on the colour spectrum of the entire artwork to ensure that all elements matched.

Working on the TEN Collection was cool as I had absolute freedom with my ideas, says Somistar.

The tutorial can be downloaded in a free PSD format from 10:00, 10 July till 10:00, 11 July 2013 here