The Street Store

Founded in January 2014, The Street Store by Max Pazak and Kayli Levitan is a platform that brings dignity to how people who live on the street receive clothes.
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The simple act of choosing what you would like to wear every day is something most of us take for granted. But for people living on the streets this choice is a luxury they don't ever experience and they depend on hand-outs to fulfil this most basic need.

Max Pazak and Kayli Levitan, art director and copywriter at M&C Saatchi Abel respectively, were confronted by this reality and wanted to do something that would bring awareness and dignity to how people receive clothing donations.

The result is a pop-up shop called The Street Store that allows people an easy way to donate clothing and a new way for people who live on the street to get clothing.

Two days before the pop-up store is set up, posters notify people that they can drop off donations on the day; it also notifies potential shoppers that there will be a store happening.

On the day, clothing gets sorted and displayed on the hanger posters and flats shoe boxes designed by Pazak.

A shop assistant walks shoppers through the store and they get to choose two items as well as an accessory like a bag, scarf or jewellery.   

Pazak and Levitan specifically work with The Haven Shelter in Cape Town, whose field workers man the store. This provides an opportunity for the field workers to connect with people living on the street and making them aware of the services they offer.  

The creative duo also made the idea and material for setting up a street store open source, allowing anyone, anywhere in the world the means to do the same.