Roger Law: The sky is the limit – be anything you want

In an interview at AGI Open 2013, Roger Law speaks about his satirical British TV show “Spitting Image” and his visit to ZA News in Cape Town.
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Roger Law is an artist, caricaturist and one half of Luck and Flaw, with Peter Fluck, creators of the satirical TV puppet show Spitting Image.

At AGI Open in London, in a talk entitled "Roger Law used to be famous", Law spoke about his work on Spitting Image in the 80s and his later transition into ceramics after the show had reached its conclusion. 

In this exclusive interview he gives insight into the background of his topical and political puppet TV show. Spitting Image was driven by the news and Law explains the intensity of working on it for 13 years:

Sometimes the second half of the programme was being edited, while the first half aired!

Many countries around the world have since created their own spin-off versions of the satirical programme, such as South Africa’s ZA News, which is inspired by Spitting Image.

After visiting ZA News in Cape Town, Law approached BBC to do a radio programme. BBC Radio4 were interested in this "South African version of Spitting Image" and went ahead with a half-hour documentary on ZA News.

In his AGI talk, Law also discussed the concept of originality, or "the art of theft", saying that originality is essentially an illusion. In light of this he also explained the many possibilities that can come about through being able to draw.

If you can draw you can steal from anywhere, you can do anything you want and be anything you want... The sky is the limit, says Law.