Naresh Ramchandani: The power and grace of words

Naresh Ramchandani is a master wordsmith. Here, we talk to him about some of the creative campaigns he has been involved with over the years.

“I think words have a lot of power,” says Naresh Ramchandani, communications and advertising partner at Pentagram’s London offices and wordsmith extraordinaire. 

Ramchandani believes that advertising – which is so often an unwanted intervention – has to be disruptive and attractive in order to get anyone’s attention. Great communication needs to have a good and appropriate balance of visual design and language.  

“The combination of those two things gives it a little bit of anarchy and some dignity too,” says Ramchandani. “I always start from the assumption that no one is interested.” 

Watch Naresh Ramchandani's full Speaker Talk, in which he shares his eight favourite words. 

Ramchandani talks about that campaign he created for Maxwell Cassettes, where they played with mistaken lyrics to show that the Maxwell’s sound quality was much better than average tapes. He also talks about the simple-yet-effective “Chuck Out Your Chintz” campaign for IKEA, which encouraged British women to get rid of their old fashioned furniture and decor. 

Watch the Talk with Naresh Ramchandani