Kariba: The mythology of the Zambezi river

Artwell Nwaila tells us why he nominated this film trailer for Most Beautiful Object in South Africa 2017.

Kariba is a film project in the making that originally started as a graphic novel by Cape Town-based Blue Forest Collective. It tells the story of the Zambezi river and the mythical spirit that guides its waters. The plot is driven by the construction of the Kariba dam wall, a barrier that causes disturbance in the natural surroundings where the rules are bent by magic.

The designers behind Kariba researched the life of the Zambezi river and elaborated on the history of the dam, which had been destroyed twice by flooding – caused by the angered spirit of the river, according to local people.

Artwell Nwaila gained interest in the film project after the teaser reached him via the SA Creatives platform. It captivated him instantly.

“These guys were able to get into people’s imaginations by creating few seconds of content that was beautifully crafted with music that was beautifully put together. They created something that truly is inspiring,” says Nwaila. 

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