Hellicar & Lewis: Our favourite thing is to make experiences

In an interview at the 2013 What Design Can Do conference in Amsterdam, Hellicar & Lewis spoke about the ways in which technology and people can interact.

Hellicar & Lewis have been in partnership for the past five years. In these years they have focused on creating designs through open-sourcing and generating places for people to share ideas.

We like to make feedback loops between people, places and technology, says the duo.

At the 2013 What Design Can Do Conference in Amsterdam, Hellicar & Lewis spoke about various projects they have undertaken, placing strong emphasis on making something that have a feedback component.

Their Hello Cube project is an interactive box where people all over the world are able to send through commands via Twitter. The unique commands generate colourful shapes in various sizes, and sends the design back to its “creator”. “This project, we believe, is a culmination of our five years of working together”, says Hellicar & Lewis.

They also spoke about their Hello Wall project done in 2010, regarded as their first truly interactive project. A screen was printed onto a wall and invited people to tweet messages to it, which would then be broadcast against the building.

We like to experiment and push things. Not all of them will work, but that’s a good sign, says Hellicar & Lewis.

Their 2009 project Night Lights invited people to interact with a screen, which would broadcast their silhouettes dancing or moving in various ways across a building.

Our main interest is how the possibilities of technology and people relate to one another, they say.