Dana Arnett: Design thinking in a digital age

The Boston-based graphic designer and CEO considers a broader definition of design and what this means in the world of digital media.

We sat with the CEO of VSA Partners international design firm, Dana Arnett to discuss how design has evolved in the ever-changing landscape of digital media. The Chicago-based designer points out how design’s evolution is marked by a combination of emerging digital disciplines and the breakdown of traditional distinctions between media organisations like design firms and advertising agencies.

Tech-based mediums have opened up new opportunities for today’s designers who are now able to apply their craft in diverse and innovative ways. According to Arnett, there are a number of “digital native” leaders out there who are really pushing the boundaries of the industry by bringing design into the corporate world – from shaping content and the process of design thinking to the “human-centred approach of working and developing ideas.”

Arnett believes that, because content can be consumed in a number of ways, there is a need to “design consistently across this omnichannel of touch points.” In order to this, VSA is “embracing that broader definition of design and discarding a lot of the traditional, categorical distinctions”.

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