Daan Roosegaarde: When innovation and imagination merge

In an interview with Design Indaba Daan Roosegaarde talks about what happens in the space where innovation and imagination merges.

An artist, designer, inventor and entrepreneur from the Netherlands, Daan Roosegaarde works in a form he calls “techno-poetry”, where the worlds of innovation and imagination merge. Roosegaarde believes that to deal effectively with certain modern realities we need to renegotiate current protocols. He also talks about how we might personalise and customise the world around us.

Landscape in a way is nature but it's also culture, because it's man or woman-made. These are the places where people meet, that they connect, whether they like it or not, says Roosegaarde.

Roosegaarde talks about the shift in the world from analogue to digital, and how we now share our stories with a digital realm "in the cloud", rather than with the physical world, which is crashing all around us.

"If we want to deal with this reality, we need to renegotiate our protocol. The undertanding that we live in a relational network in which we're connected to each other is the basic principle of building up a new economy, and a new understanding of the world around us."

I's about us wanting to personalise and customise the world around us, he says.

Roosegaarde's work negotiates these concepts through innovation and imagination, in ways that break down the boundaries between the digital and physical worlds. Part of what he is doing is an investigation of technology: what do we want from technology and what does it want from us?


Photograph © designboom

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