Chat with Dope Saint Jude

South African rapper Dope Saint Jude has through her music challenged gender identity in the masculine realm of hip hop.

Catherine St Jude Pretorius, otherwise known by her stage name Dope Saint Jude, is a South African rapper who subverts notions of gender identity in Hip Hop. Typically a masculine environment, Dope Saint Jude sees hip hop as a way to reimagine the way she sees the world.

Born in the Cape Flats, an area synonymous with the remnants of Apartheid racial segregation in South Africa, Dope Saint Jude is regarded as a beacon of hope in that she proves that one does not need to conform to get ahead. Instead, she embraces her culture and heritage, using it to inform socially conscious and empowering music.
After releasing her first EP, titled Reimagine this year, we sat down with Dope Saint Jude to find out what makes her tick. Now, we’re bringing you the chance to do the same in an interactive interview where you control the questions.