Breaking down social barriers with a game of ping pong

Danish photojournalist Anders Find’s novel approach to bringing people together in public space.

“It is important that we meet each other, and to meet new people the public space is a very good place to start,” says founder of the PingOut initiative, Anders Find, a photojournalist based in Denmark.

PingOut is a project that installs ping pong tables around the city of Copenhagen. A simple concept with a significant social impact, PingOut combines art with a popular social activity to create a sense of community in a public space.

Find first camp up with the idea on encountering a group of old punks living under a ping pong table in a park in Berlin. The table is open to anyone who wants to stop by and play a game and Find was struck by its positive influence on the community.

Together with furniture designer Troels Øder Hansen, Find came up with a plug-and-play ping pong table that was durable and portable enough for people to install wherever they want. Hansen explains the concept of the design:

“A table made in one piece, which does not require maintenance. At the same time we wanted it to have a large surface suitable for decoration by local artists.”

Various local artists have put their stamps on the tables dotted around the city with distinctive graffiti or street art.