Alex R: Designer Craftsmen

The London-based glass artist talks about the metaphorical context of glass and the blurred line between design and craft.

Based in London, Alex R is a glass artist whose work ranges from full-scale installations to smaller vessels and light boxes. Her award-winning glass designs have been exhibited in various galleries and institutions across the UK. From the designer’s point of view, glass has boundless potential as a material that can be interpreted in many different ways and across many different creative disciplines.

In this interview, Alex R talks about her Designed Crafted show at London Design Festival 2015 and how this work and the work of the other artists involved sits somewhere between craft and design. The exhibition was held at a gallery in London’s Shoreditch design district and included eight makers working in glass, silver, ceramics and furniture. Each artist’s individual style of work came together as a collection that was underpinned by the theme, “unusual juxtapositions.”

“For me, the reason I love glass is that it has surface, but it also has depth,” says Alex R. “There is a metaphor in there – something about how you operate in life. You can look at the surface of things, but you can also look at the depths of things.”