Focus on: Fashion statement

From the history of fashion to making current trend statements, these four designers share their insights into the fashion design field.

Henrik Vibskov on how technology advances shapes and silhouettes 

Fashion designer Henrik Vibskov is interested in combining fashion design with space and landscape design. The designer talks about some of his latest projects as well as his “The Blowhole Observatory” project created for Dutch Design Week 2012. Vibskov draws on his Scandinavian heritage and traditions to create a graphical outline of a whale. Bells are attached to the whale to explore what it would be like if whales could communicate with humans. The designer further speaks about working with music for the last 30 years and how it connects identities in social circles.

Carla Fernandez: Working with heritage to make a fashion statement 

Fashion designer Carla Fernandez works with different communities in her native Mexico to design garments that speak to Mexican heritage and identity.

Bart Hess on collaborative couture 

At the 2012 Dutch Design Week, Bart Hess presented an exhibition titled Work With Me People, which involves the audience in producing various handcrafts that would otherwise take ages to realise. Here Hess talks about “futuristic fur”, latex, Lady Gaga inspiration and surprise elements in design.

Valerie Steele on cultural influences in fashion design

Fashion historian and curator Valerie Steele gives profound insight into the global exploration of fashion, culture and identity.  She believes that fashion is rich in history; it is not a Western phenomenon. She discusses the empire of fashion and reveals how multiple styles around the world have replaced the dictatorship of a single fashion house.