Your Street Live winner The Greenpop Mountain Road Rest Nest & Nursery

The Greenpop Mountain Road Rest Nest and Nursery will provide Woodstock residents with an eco-friendly space to be proud of.

Part of the Project

The winning prize in the Your Street Live competition was awarded to Greenpop Mountain Road Rest Nest and Nursery, an area promoting a green educational space in Cape Town.

Greenpop Mountain Road Rest Nest and Nursery director Misha Teasdale collaborated with street artist Ricky Lee Gordon, aka Freddy Sam, to enter the Your Street Live competition. Taking inspiration from Dr Seuss’s The Lorax, the duo wish to transform the space into living and breathing tree houses.

I like getting involved in projects that use creativity for social good, says Gordon.

Working with the Woodstock community, architects, artists and landscapers, the project will provide a space where the local community can learn, draw, create, share, listen, read and mostly be proud of the space. As wealthy and poor people live in the area, the project wishes to create a place that is integrated and serves all residents.

The Your Street competition inspired me to establish a local solution to a measurable problem, and activate it with the help of the community, who will become part of the solution, says Teasdale.

Gordon will be painting creative murals on all the area’s walls to attract and open the community’s eyes to the power of creativity and urban transformation. 

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