The Newsroom – Off The Record

The struggle for print newspapers to stay solvent in the digital age rivetingly told from inside a Danish tabloid.

Part of the event

This English sub-titled documentary invites the viewer to witness the inner workings of the "most criticised paper in Denmark."

For more than a year a film crew had unbridled access to the tabloid, its editor Poul Madsen and the machinations of the newsroom: from meetings to huddles round computers to following reporters as they doorstepped their subjects.

Set against a backdrop of exposure of local political scandals and cover-ups, and coverage of the hostage-taking of two Danish sailors in Somalia, the film shows Ekstra Bladet’s dropping print circulation – from 130 000 in 2000 to 46 000 in 2013 – and its addition of a news website and the struggle to make it lucrative.

"Mikala Krogh has made a heartbreaking and, in its own sad way, successful documentary that will stay with you for a long time. Especially with those of us who love newspapers and don't want a single one of them to die," it said in a review by another Danish newspaper, Berlingske.