Make. Change. Design Indaba 2015 TV commercial

Watch the TV commercial (TVC) for Design Indaba's 2015 Festival campaign, Make. Change.

Part of the Project

There are people out there finding creative solutions to daily problems that are creating real change in this world. From a man that spends an hour each Saturday sanding and painting a park bench that needs a bit of love, to a woman who engineers a solution for an upcycled sleeping bag for the homeless to give them a warm, dry place to sleep. They do this to better someone’s life, beautify a street, uplift a community or just make someone smile.
Design Indaba's 2015 creative campaign, Make. Change., embraces this movement and celebrates these initiatives of "design activism", because lots of small changes can make a huge difference. We are heralding these stories through our content on, our social media and our advertising.

We are doing some amazing initiatives such as employing the unemployed to distribute our outdoor media rather than spending money on more traditional media buys. We are telling stories about truly wonderful things that are being done by others as well as ourselves.

The campaign lives mostly online through social media such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and is actively supported by our own website and traditional advertising like print, TV, radio and digital banners.

We want everyone to get involved and create their own Make. Change. projects.

There are some incredible people out there that are using creativity to make real change in this world, and you could be one of them. Find something that needs fixing, bettering or beautifying, come up with a creative way to do it, document your #makechange moment and share it with us on our Facebook page. Download our toolkit below that’ll help you on your way. This has open-source fonts, logos and end-title animations (coming soon) to brand your stories in the same way we do.

So, go – make a better place for all of us.