Help for the homeless

Design Indaba’s 2015 creative campaign Make. Change., in partnership with The Jupiter Drawing Room and The Haven, aims to improve the lives of the homeless.

Part of the Project

Design Indaba’s 2015 creative campaign celebrates people who use creativity to make the world a better place. Based on our request for a campaign of social activism, The Jupiter Drawing Room – the Cape Town-based agency behind Design Indaba’s advertising and marketing campaigns – conceived the Make. Change. campaign.

“The Make. Change. campaign really aims to convince everybody that everyone has a bit of creativity in them,” explains Joanne Thomas, executive creative director of design at The Jupiter Drawing Room. “If everyone uses this creativity, they can change the world for the better.” 

As part of the Make. Change. campaign, Design Indaba will redesign The Haven Night Shelter’s website, and use some of its marketing budget to promote the shelter and its exceptional work in helping the homeless in Cape Town. In collaboration with The Jupiter Drawing Room, Design Indaba’s redesign of the website will include a section that outlines the CVs and skillsets of the people currently residing at The Haven’s multiple shelters. 

Design Indaba founder Ravi Naidoo explains the long-standing partnership between Design Indaba and The Haven, which started when the company raised funds to help build a shelter for the homeless named “The Bridge” in Woodstock in the 1990s.

It’s wonderful that it has been 20 odd years that we have constantly gone back to The Haven and looked for ways to add value, says Naidoo.

The Haven’s chief executive, Hassan Khan, explains the importance and benefit of its partnership with Design Indaba and The Jupiter Drawing Room: “The website redesign will advertise the skills of the homeless and allow possible employers to match their needs with the offering that homeless people have,” says Khan. “Through work, a homeless person will feel better about themselves, prove themselves and get on with their lives in a positive manner,” he says.