Absa | The Democratic Republic of Design

At Design Indaba 2013 Absa created a virtual country called the Democratic Republic of Design to show how design and creativity are the backbone of an economy.

As one of four major sponsors at Design Indaba 2013, Absa's brand activation focussed on their Democratic Republic of Design concept. To bring the campaign to life they created a smartphone app, which allowed event goers to earn currency and grow a virtual economy simply by sharing their ideas and inspiration. For every tweet and photo users posted through the app, they earned virtual currency or "design dollars". Delegates could then cash in their earnings at Absa's concept store, buying themselves a selection of products from up-and-coming South African designers. Additionally, the more users earned, the higher up the ranks they climbed, from citizen to diplomat, then senator, commander, councillor and finally president. The president each day won a VIP experience at the night's biggest parties.

Ultimately the app and Absa's Democratic Republic of Design served to unite the creative community and reinforce how design and creativity really are the backbone of a country's economy.

Campaign and video created for Absa by The Jupiter Drawing Room, Johannesburg. App created by Bnry.