Tesla by They Might Be Giants

Graphic designer Paul Sahre stretches the music video genre with this interactive project for They Might Be Giants. Plus, don't miss our 'making of' feature.

New York-based graphic designer Paul Sahre shares his latest project with us – an epic, interactive video that he directed for “our favorite alt-rock band” They Might Be Giants.  

The final music video is 23 minutes long and lives on YouTube. The song, titled “Tesla”, is about the inventor and engineer Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) who designed the modern alternating current electricity supply system. 

It’s a great example of artistic collaboration, as the video design triggered further musical production by the band, culminating in a much richer piece. “There were so many good ideas we decided to do nine of them and convinced the band to create a different remix of the song for each video,” Sahre says.

Each remix and video can be viewed by clicking on the icons to the left and right of the video. Be sure to turn on the annotations in your YouTube settings. 

Sahre tells us about how the project came to be and the making of the various pieces in this Lookbook feature here.