Pollution-free energy could come from the Earth's core

Manoj Bhargava's Limitless Energy project seeks to harness the energy at the Earth's core using a graphene cable.

Just bellow the Earth’s surface there’s enough energy to power the world without fossil fuels and without pollution. The Billions in Change movement is developing a safe, effective way to harness this energy and bring it to the surface using graphene in a project called Limitless Energy.

Graphene is a substance made out of graphite. The substance is far superior to copper as a conductor because it can harness energy at point A and transfer it to point B no matter the distance in between. It’s lighter than air and stronger than steel. “It transfers heat really efficiently,” says Billionaire business mogul Manoj Bhargava.

Bhargava is the founder of the Billions in Change movement, an initiative that works to create and implement solutions to some of the world’s greatest challenges.

Bhargava called on researchers to use the graphene to develop a string that will be used to create a cable, which will in turn be placed into the ground to bring the energy at the Earth’s core to the surface. “At first they were a little weary because it’s too simple,” says Bhargava.

The first set of short graphene rope has been developed and tested. The project is currently in its second stage of testing in the United States, after which it would move to commercial manufacturing in Singapore.

“This would be the greatest invention maybe ever,” says Bhargava. “If you can get unlimited energy from beneath the earth, pollution free…that’s everything.”