The Plasmorph: A living diary

Relying on memory alone can be daunting. Conceptual designer Ann-Kristin Abel envisions a living organism that provides customised information,

The device connects directly to the nervous system of the user to help modern nomads easily ingest and store anything they need to know in an instant. The Plasmorph is like a semi-living pocket for your brain and its creator, conceptual designer Ann-Kristin Abel believes it’s a step toward making our electronic devices more intuitive.

The concept draws from our existing reliance on electronic devices to find and store information we need or might need in the future. But what about the way a summer breeze feels or the flutter of your heart around the person you love? The Plasmorph would have the ability to gather these experiences along with practical information to ensure the user is always kept informed. The semi-living synthetically grown organism also evolves with the user.

“The device feeds on information and grows in relation to the quantity, and significance, of the user’s experiences,” explains Abel. “The Plasmorph is a living diary that provides customised information in an instant.”