Modern Cultural Curators: Geza Schoen

#FilmFestFridays presents "Modern Cultural Curators: Geza Schoen", a short film offering a glimpse into the talents of perfumer Geza Scheon.

Geza Schoen is a leading independent nose, and the man behind one of the world’s most outstanding fragrances, Escentric Molecules.

The German-born perfumer creates scents from the comfort of his own apartment where he has a laboratory filled with scents and tools needed to make perfume. This allows him to capture and then live with scents to determine whether people may tire of the scent or if it will be a timeless smell.

My idea for creating perfume is to cut down on strong scents and give someone an aura rather than a perfume, says Schoen.

In this short film directed by Stefan Heinrichs, we get an intimate look inside the perfumer’s apartment and his creative process. 

For Schoen the best part about being a perfumer is that perfumery can never be digitalised: “making perfume will always come down to personal experiences, education and one’s own connection to culture and senses," he says. 

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