An inventive way to enjoy popcorn

Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Jolene Carlier adds a bit of fun and colour to popcorn making with her Willy Wonka-inspired invention.

From the Series

In recent years, popcorn has had a bit of a resurgence on the shelves of stores around the world. It has been a snack food for thousands of years – originating in Mexico and South America. The flavours might have advanced, but the process of fluffing the kernels is much the same (if you don't opt for the microwave).

While perhaps not the most practical method of making popcorn, Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Jolene Carlier’s Willy Wonka-inspired Popcorn Monsoon machine turns the process of popping corn into a amusing and colourful experience. The kernels are fed through a tube into a heating capsule, and once cooked, the edible corn tumbles out of the glass tube and into a brightly coloured serving bowl, resembling a waterfall or “popcorn monsoon”.

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