Glowing streets

Masashi Kawamura and his creative lab PARTY NY recently created the music video for Australian dance-rock band Cut Copy's latest track.

A 3D printer, UV filaments and 200 figurines come together on the streets of Los Angeles for a music video like no other.

Masashi Kawamura is the creative director and founder of PARTY, a creative lab based in Tokyo and New York, which believes that “new creations are born from new creative process”.

Recently director Kawamura and his team including Qanta Shimizu and Aramique Krauthamer, teamed up with Australian dance-rock group Cut Copy to create a music video for the group’s latest single “We Are Explorers”. For the music video, PARTY NY created 200 figurines using a 3D printer and UV filaments. Throughout the stop-motion animated music video, the glow-in-the-dark figurines explore the streets of Los Angeles at night, picking up discarded objects along the way.

Furthermore, Kawamura and his team decided to make the piece an open-sourced, downloadable project through BitTorrent, in which viewers are able to download the 3D data and re-create the video as they wish.