Design That Heals

Founder and director of Les centres GHESKIO Dr Jean-William Pape has dedicated his career to combating diarrheal diseases in Haiti.

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Design That Heals, a documentary by MASS Design Group, follows Dr Jean-William Pape, Haitian infectious disease specialist and Director and Founder of Les Centres GHESKIO as he sets up temporary cholera treatment tents in order to combat an outbreak of cholera in poverty-stricken Haiti. However, the humid climate and a lack of infrastructure made the disease impossible to control.

In 2010, MASS Design Group was challenged to design a cholera treatment centre to tackle the structural issues in Caribbean country. The 34-minute documentary looks at the way innovative architecture coupled with a human-centred approach to healthcare triumphed over mounting circumstances.

Screening at Design Indaba FilmFest 2017. Book Now