Chandelier Tree

#FilmFestFridays present "Chandelier Tree", a short story about a luminous tree that brings light and magic to its surroundings.

Outside a house in a street in California is a big tree. It’s no ordinary tree, though if one looked at it during the day one might assume that it is.

After dark is when this tree comes to life. That’s when it lights up to a magically luminous effect.  

It’s a chandelier tree… literally a big tree that has been fitted with bespoke and vintage chandeliers by Adam Tenenbaum.

Here Tenenbaum tells the story of the Chandelier Tree, how it came to be and the positive effect the tree has had on the community. He believes something like the Chandelier Tree can cut across generations to bring positivity into public space. There’s something magical about lights, he believes.

The film was directed by Colin Kennedy.

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