Billie Rehwald on evolving the human form from conception to birth

Vienna University of Applied Arts graduate explores the concept of ectogenesis in her talk at #antenna2017.

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It's a concept that's bound to generate debate - both morally and scientifically. Sparked by the question of traditional childbearing and birth being somewhat outdated and thinking about a more equal way of procreating, Billie Rehwald's Ava project was born. 

Ectogenesis is the evolving of the human form from conception to birth, all outside of the womb. 

Billie reckons that design is the perfect tool to consider this as a reality. In an effort to mimic the natural process, her Ava installation includes the amniotic fluid cycle, vital systems that recreate the mother's blood flow, and the sphere that houses the baby. 

While the project may inspire questions across the spectrum, the designer says her project doesn't aim to answer any questions, but rather to illustrate a potential reality and spark a debate on the future of procreation.