“The shower at the end of the day" by Studio Poink

This 50s-inspired animation is a zany homage to the place where all the best ideas are born.

This new animated music video for 15-piece Israeli band Marsh Dondurma’s song “The Shower at the End of the Day” gives new meaning to the phrase “just add water”. It takes a simple storyline – the central character returns home after a long day and takes a shower – and turns it into a riot of colour and activity. As soon as the man turns on the taps, strange things unfold in the congested city beyond his apartment. Bumper-to-bumper traffic, languid children and irate drivers set the scene before candy-coloured raindrops descend on the city, distributing an elixir of super-charged fun that transforms everything in its wake.

The creative direction and animation behind this retro-inspired video is the work of Israeli outfit Studio Poink, who are Assaf Benharroch, Lynn Polyak and Idan Vardi.  

Animating the video to a piece of music created by a 15-piece band is no easy feat. But Studio Poink’s 50s-inspired visuals match the zany energy of Marsh Dondurma’s big sound that bursts with trumpets, trombones and saxophones.

Band member Udi Raz describes showering as “a peaceful moment, beautiful, personal, and yet it is something we all experience almost every day. A few of my most successful ideas were born in the shower."

Keep your eyes peeled for a woman playing a  trumpet on a cloud and the rebirth of Elvis Presley.