Tord Boontje on nature and creativity

Design is intricately linked to making, creativity and the future says Tord Boontje.

Product designer Tord Boontje has an innate love for nature, and for him, design starts with using what you’ve got.

Making and the future are linked to each other, says Boontje.

Tord Boontje talks about designs that serve as an act of vandalism against modernism.

In his quest to revive the artisanal way in which everyday things can be made, he has found that creating is indeed part and parcel of building tradition. He talks about craftsmanship, design that aids artisans, the need for both fantasy and tradition in design, and ways of integrating new technology into design.

Design could work to aid artisans but should also help create commercial success, he says.

Boontje shows what can happen in design at the intersection of tradition and technology.