Roger Smythe: imagining dreams and ideas into reality

Roger Smythe explains that when Masters and Savant Worldwide was established, they wanted to give both their clients and team an incredible experience. Roger Sm

Roger Smythe shows that Masters and Savant Worldwide prides itself on giving clients the most enjoyable experience, being the most creative and non-exploitative studio in South Africa and conceptualising ideas that play to the strengths of team. For this presentation, he and his team brainstormed together on what has made the company great, inspiring a nifty animation.

Our first goal was to give our clients an amazing experince. Our second was to have the most creative and non-exploitative studio in South Africa. Our third goal was to take dreams and ideas and imagine them into reality, which is a great responsibility for designers, says Smythe.

Working within tight budgets and being brave about doing great creative work has shown the Masters and Savant team that it's not about the value of the product, but about how engaged the user is. They believe that design is about solving problems within constraints. 

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