Renny Ramakers on Droog's different perspective on design

The co-founder and director of Amsterdam design studio Droog is a keen proponent of sensible innovation and creating a different perspective on design.

In her talk at Design Indaba Conference 2011 Renny Ramakers speaks about Droog's designs from 2008 to 2011, beginning with their goal to bring serious eco-conscious design to Milan. 

Giving and overview of Droog’s early designs, from the eco-conscious to the celebrations of imperfection, some delightful examples are the likes of their tulip containers made from animal waste. As one of Holland's greatest exports, the tulip provides a wonderful opportunity to export one of the nation's greatest problems too: cow dung!

We export tulip bulbs, so why don't we export our waste to the tourists? asks Ramakers

Renny Ramakers continues to talk about projects by Droog Lab, including ''Pioneers of Change" in New York that led to the ''Go Slow Cafe''. 

Other inspiring examples follow, including Milan's ugliest hotel transformed into a 5-star experience – by adding only one thing to each room!

Watch the Interview with Alberto Alessi, Dror Benshetrit, Jens Martin Skibsted, Renny Ramakers, Oded Ezer, Maarten Baas

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