Michael Bierut: five lessons on graphic design

In graphic design it is essential to consider the needs of the people that are going to be living with the design, says Michael Bierut.

Michael Bierut shares five important lessons that he has learnt about graphic design.

  1. Don’t be so darned clever
  2. You get power by giving power away
  3. The real opportunity may not be part of your scope of work
  4. Consistency does not equal sameness
  5. The audience is more wonderful than you think

Bierut show a variety of the some of graphic design work he has done over the years, from posters to corporate identities. 

He also talks about the Robin Hood Foundation and a library initiative that redesigns public school libraries in New York. From poetry to journalistic illustrations and Manga-inspired superheroes, Michael Bierut looks at some of the possibilities for filling the space between the shelves and the ceiling in libraries. 


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