Martha Stewart on the endless possibilities of glitter

The handmade and the homemade are two of the most important features of the work that Martha Stewart does, across a range of platforms and in various mediums.
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For Martha Stewart, the doyenne of American home living and craft, it’s all about the homemade and the handmade. Here she talks about all the different Martha Stewart offerings, from the magazines to the cooking shows, the range of paints and the glitter! In addition to being a celebrated author, magazine publisher, crafter and broadcaster, Stewart is also a business magnate, renowned for turning craft into a very lucrative industry.

Stewart talks about her various magazines and some of the books  she has published that focus on cooking, collecting, entertaining and gardening - all of which she believes give people a home for their own creativity.

Digital platforms play a big role in the different areas of Martha Stewart’s  business. She believes these enable her to be easily accessible to the public, as well as to stay in close contact with those wanting to learn from her.

Colour has always been an integral part of Martha Stewart’s life and has given her much inspiration. Here she talks about the different colour palettes she has developed, with some inspired by chicken eggs, while others are inspired by the early modern masters of colour theory.

Glitter is a million dollar enterprise for Martha Stewart and she believes that it can create sparkle to the most sophisticated projects. She looks to the history of glitter and demonstrates interesting applications for the craft box staple.

"Faux bois" is also a source endless inspiration for Martha Stewart. Here she shows how this "false wood" can be used in the beautifying of homes.